Flat Fee Real Estate In The Upstate

Flat Fee Real Estate In The Upstate
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Save Thousands Selling Your Home!

Flat Fee Real Estate – Flat Fee Full Service or Flat Fee Limited Service, put your hard earn money back in your pocket where it belongs and save thousands selling your home!

Welcome to UpstateHomeSeller.com where savvy home sellers come to learn how to save thousands of dollars when selling your home.  My name is Gene Donohue and I am full time professional real estate agent here in the Upstate with a background in Internet Marketing and I am dedicated to helping my clients save money on every real estate transaction without sacrificing the quality of service expected!

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Flat Fee Real EstateWith my Flat Fee Real Estate program, I offer everything you expect from a full time traditional real estate agent, and then some, without having to pay the traditional high commissions associated with it.  

As a home seller you deserve the equity you’ve built in your home over the years.  Doesn’t it make sense to keep more of that equity when it comes time to finally sell?  Of course it does, so why pay it out if there’s no need to!  With a solid marketing plan that positions your home properly within the market, you can expect exceptional results and save thousands selling your home!

When you choose me as your Flat Fee Real Estate professional you will still receive an exceptional level of client care.  There’s no need to sacrifice service for a low cost selling solution.  Whether buying or selling I work by The Platinum Rule, treat people better than they expect to be treated!

The bottom line is that when you choose me as your real estate professional you will improve your home equity position by keeping more money in your wallet then if you went with a conventional real estate agent charging traditional real estate commissions and save thousands selling your home.mls entry greenville

So….let’s get started!

Save Thousands Selling Your Home In The Upstate With Flat Fee Real Estate


Gene Donohue – Flat Fee Real Estate – Greenville SC