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Multiple Offers On A House – Winning The Bidding War

Multiple Offers On A House - Winning The Bidding War The summer home selling season is here and the real estate market in the Upstate is not showing any signs of slowing down.  As home buyers, you must be prepared to win the bidding war when you run into multiple offers on a house, especially is the faster moving price points. The first step is understanding what today's sellers are looking for in a winning offer.  Let's face it, a lot of it has to do with [...]

7 Quick Real Estate Marketing Ideas For FSBO Sellers

7 Quick Real Estate Marketing Ideas For FSBO Sellers Congratulations!  You've made the decision to sell your home on your own.  It's a smart decision if you are able and willing to put some work into the process.  Where I find people can struggle the most is coming up with solid real estate marketing ideas to get their home sold.  But not to worry, lot's of people just like yourself have successfully completed a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) and have saved a lot of money instead of hiring [...]

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Real Estate Photography

With 90% of all home buyers going to the Internet to research homes, its even more important today that your real estate photography tells a high quality story.  With the advent of high dynamic range photography (HDR), there's no reason why your home can't look as amazing online as it does in person! Lets look at the importance of high quality real estate photography.  In today's online world, the first viewing of your home happens anonymously as potential buyers surf the different real estate portals.  After plugging [...]

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Pricing Advice For Home Sellers

Pricing advice for home sellers, the story of Peg. Pricing a home correctly right from the start is so important to the success of a sale.  To bring the importance of that home, I would like give some pricing advice for home sellers in the form of a story.  A story about a seller who stuck to her guns that XXX was the price that she needed and she wasn't listing for anything less. It all started almost 5 months when a Peg asked me to help her [...]

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Effectively Negotiating The Sale Of Your Home

Effectively Negotiating The Sale Of Your Home One of the subjects I love to talk about is the art of negotiating, especially when it comes to effectively negotiating the sale of your home.   This very effective strategy uses a technique called "preemptive negotiating" as implementation starts long before the property goes on the market.  During the "market preparation" listing phase,  certain steps are taken that will greatly curtail, and even prevent, the future buyers to attempt to open up a new round of negotiations.   After all, my job [...]

Questionable Real Estate Sales Tactics

Beware Of Aggressive Real Estate Sales Tactics One of the questionable real estate sales tactics I've seen used to acquire more listings revolves around a special program the agent has.  Most of the time you'll see this as a guarantee that if your house does is sell in a certain amount of days then the agent will buy it from you. Earlier in my career I would hear these commercials and a certain amount of envy would come over me.  Maybe one day I would become as successful as they [...]

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Best Real Estate Blogs To Follow

What Are The Best Real Estate Blogs To Follow? So I got your attention, you want to know what the best real estate blogs to follow are.  Well, I'm going to make this really simple so hold on a moment. There are literally thousands of blogs out there on different real estate subjects.  Unfortunately a lot of them are regurgitated articles created by content writers that too many real estate agents pay for.  I don't know about you, but I don't know how many more times I want [...]

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