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Flat Fee MLS Listing



Flat Fee MLS Listing Answers

Q: What is the MLS?

A: MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service and is the primary tool agents use to list homes for sale and to find homes for their buyers. Listing your home in the Greenville MLS is the best way to show your home to highest number of buyers.

Q: What does limited service mean?

A: Essentially you are contracting with a real estate professional that provides a reduced scope of services in exchange for a greatly reduced fee that is paid up front. You are only leveraging the agent’s marketing ability to get your home in front of the largest pool of potential buyers without representing you as a client.

Q: Can you help me price my home?

A: A Comparative Market Analysis can help provide a pricing strategy and is part of the Standard and Premium programs. If you’d like to add a CMA to the Basic program it is $75.

Q: Where will my home be marketed?

A: The first step is entry into the Greenville MLS. From there we have syndication agreements with all the major real estate portals including, Zillow and Trulia.

Q: Will my listing in the MLS look the same as full service listings?

A: Yes, the structure will be exactly the same. FYI: The best listings always contain high quality photographs and great copy writing.

Q: How will potential buyers contact me to see my home?

A: Potential buyers and agents will contact you directly to schedule a home showing.

Q: Do I have to be at home when someone wants to see my home?

A: That depends. With the Basic program you must be available to show your home for all potential buyers and buyer agents. With the Standard program, since we provide you with an MLS coded lock box, you will not have to be there with a buyers agents wants to show your home. Most home sellers find this option a lot more convenient. The more difficult a home is to show the less likely a buyers agent will show it.

Q: Do I have to offer a commission to a buyers agent?

A: Yes, in order to be listed in the MLS you must provide a commission to a cooperating agent.

Q: OK, but do I have to offer the 3%?

A: In my experience I have found that providing 3% is the optimal commission to offer a buyers agent. Unfortunately anything less and your home will not be shown as often. It’s a shame but that’s the truth, especially for a FSBO seller. So yes, 3% is the buyer’s commission for our Flat Fee MLS listings.

Q: I’m using your Limited Services Listing program, what happens to the 3% commission if I find the buyer?

A: That’s the beauty of the program, you keep that money and you pay zero commissions.

Q: Can I make changes to my listing?

A: Heck, things change so yes you are allowed to make changes 4 times. Any changes after that are $50 per occurrence.

Q: I’m concerned about paperwork, where do I get all the documents required?

A: We have you covered as all documents, disclosures and addendums are provided.