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The Truth About Real Estate Commission Rates

Real Estate Commission Rates I talk to a lot of people over the course of a week as a real estate agent and most conversations eventually get to the subject of real estate commission rates.  Bring the subject up in a [...]

Top 5 Reasons To Choose A Flat Fee Realtor®

Choosing a Flat Fee Realtor® can save you thousands of dollars in commissions when selling your home! Thankfully, there are more options today for the home seller then there ever has been.  In the past, you had the choice of either [...]

What Is Flat Rate Real Estate?

What is Flat Rate Real Estate? Well, I'm glad you asked, but first a little background. In the traditional real estate model an agent gets paid a commission based on the sales price of the home, so the more expensive the [...]

Best Real Estate Blogs To Follow

What Are The Best Real Estate Blogs To Follow? So I got your attention, you want to know what the best real estate blogs to follow are.  Well, I'm going to make this really simple so hold on a moment. [...]

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