7 Quick Real Estate Marketing Ideas For FSBO Sellers

7 Quick Real Estate Marketing Ideas For FSBO Sellers Congratulations!  You've made the decision to sell your home on your own.  It's a smart decision if you are able and willing to put some work into the process.  Where I find [...]

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Real Estate Photography

With 90% of all home buyers going to the Internet to research homes, its even more important today that your real estate photography tells a high quality story.  With the advent of high dynamic range photography (HDR), there's no reason [...]

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Pricing Advice For Home Sellers

Pricing advice for home sellers, the story of Peg. Pricing a home correctly right from the start is so important to the success of a sale.  To bring the importance of that home, I would like give some pricing advice [...]

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Effectively Negotiating The Sale Of Your Home

Effectively Negotiating The Sale Of Your Home One of the subjects I love to talk about is the art of negotiating, because effectively negotiating the sale of your home starts long before it goes on the market.  I use a [...]

Questionable Real Estate Sales Tactics

Beware Of Aggressive Real Estate Sales Tactics One of the questionable real estate sales tactics I've seen used to acquire more listings revolves around a special program the agent has.  Most of the time you'll see this as a guarantee that if [...]

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