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Real Estate Photography

With 90% of all home buyers going to the Internet to research homes, its even more important today that your real estate photography tells a high quality story.  With the advent of high dynamic range photography (HDR), there’s no reason why your home can’t look as amazing online as it does in person!

Lets look at the importance of high quality real estate photography.  In today’s online world, the first viewing of your home happens anonymously as potential buyers surf the different real estate portals.  After plugging in their different criteria they begin to scroll through the results.  What’s the first thing that catches their eye?  The picture of the house.  If that picture doesn’t draw them in then they click to the next.  First impressions are everything!  

Let’s say the like that first picture so they click to see more.  What a disappointment it is when pictures are dark, blurry or it looks like no one has cleaned in a month.  One of my favorites is the picture of the bathroom where you can see the person taking the picture in the mirror.

Real estate photography is meant to tell a story and that story can’t be told in 5 or 6 pictures.  The photos should draw you into the best features of the home and create an emotional reaction that says “I want to live there!”

HDR photography can do just that!

Lets look at a couple of before and after pictures so you can see the incredible difference between standard photography and HDR photography:

HDR Real Estate Photography Comparison

Standard Photography                                            HDR Photography

Real Estate Photography




As you can see, HDR real estate photography has that Wow factor that draw buyers into the property and creates the urge to investigate the home further.  This is why I use HDR photography exclusively for all of my full service real estate listings at no additional charge to our clients!  

For more information on how photography fits into our marketing plan, please give me a call right away at 864-506-2151.

HDR Photography courtesy of Carolina House Shots.

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